This innovative tool can win you new clients from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and perhaps most importantly, without any action on your part.

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We have been working with solicitors for many years to generate both employment law leads/clients and medical negligence referrals.

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Website Marketing - more clients without lifting a finger!

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Website Domains & Hosting. We can secure your domain and host your website; securely.

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Legal Website Design Service For Solicitors

Bespoke Legal Website Design Service For UK Solicitors

We all know and understand the power of the internet for law firms these days. Even if you have not traditionally generated client enquiries from your legal services website, you know that the first thing your prospects will do when you are recommended to them is to go and look at your website. We all do it, so it is no suprise that your legal prospects will do exactly the same. However, what happens when that website is out of date, either because it is very hard to update, or as in most cases because it is simply not possible to update it. How many instructions do you lose because of an out of date legal website?

If you have an out of date legal services website, or you do not have a website at all, you know that this has to be change, and to change very quickly.

Bespoke Legal Website

Bespoke Legal Website Design Costs A Fortune

If you have reached the stage that you accept that you need a new or amended legal website, your next fear or concern is that this is going to cost a great deal of investment and time. In this day and age and with so many good and accessible tools, why does this have to be the case?

Put simply, it doesn't any longer. We have had enough of solicitors paying thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands of pounds, for websites which will not generate new enquiries and which are not even able to be edited.

A New Fixed Price Legal Website Design Service

We have put together a very simple pricing structure which we do not believe can be matched. Whereas many firms will charge you a large 'set up fee' and a reasonably high monthly fee with our legal website design service you pay a design fee (usually much less than our compeitors) and then only a modest annual hosting fee.

Design Process Not Diminshed By Lower Pricing

We operate a very seemless design process because we have been through this process so many times now. The saving we make from this efficiency of process is what allows us to keep our prices so competitive without compromising quality.


This efficient process will enable you to obtain your bespoke legal website design in as little as four weeks from start to finish (slower if you need more time but that is up to you). Your legal website will be built on a platform which is universally available and can be edited by tens of thousands of website designers, thereby insuring that you are not tied to our service if you choose not to be. We believe in giving you a very good website for a fair price but which gives you the freedom to develop it with or without our input.

We do this because we know how important a good legal website is to the success of your practice.

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You no longer need to compromise on quality to obtain a website for a competitive price.

To find out more about our Bespoke Legal Website Design Service, along with samples of some of our completed websites, please enter your details below:


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